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WTF(luctuation) is Going on with RATES!?!

With the fluctuation in interest rates we’re often asked the following questions:

  • Should I rate lock or shouldn’t I?
  • Should I take a long-term fixed rate or should I float?
  • Should I do something short-term with the understanding that interest rates might level off and then come down starting next year?

These are all really good questions, with not so easy answers. We’ve been helping our clients come up with the right answer based on their specific needs at the moment. Whether it’s an acquisition, a construction loan or a refi, the old way of thinking – just lock it in and set it on a shelf, doesn’t work today.

So, if you have something you’re working on and need financing or have a loan that is maturing or resetting, give us a call at 212-400-7151 or fill out the form below, we’re happy to talk you through it.

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