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Is Your Investment Portfolio ‘Modernly Diversified’ Between Asset Class and Risk?

Forbes recently published an article about creating a Modernly Diversified Portfolio. So, what exactly is a Modernly Diversified Portfolio and what are the benefits?  

A modernly diversified portfolio consists of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments, such as Commercial Real Estate (CRE).  

According to Blackstone, 30% of pension funds and over 50% of endowments invest in alternative assets. Yet despite what the institutional investors are doing, individual investors allocate only about 5% of their portfolio toward alternatives. Big organizations with large resources have figured out a more strategic way to invest their capital that reduces risks and maximizes returns.  

A few benefits of investing in CRE: 

 The CRE market doesn’t ebb and flow with traditional stock and bond markets   
 CRE Mangers are more active and performance-driven 
 High level of asset differentiation between property types (retail, industrial, office, multi-family, etc) and geographic location

Progress Capital and its subsidiaries have alternative investment avenues available.  

If you want to deploy funds in CRE at a high rate of return BUT without a long term commitment, you might want to have a call with Kathy Anderson or Kyle Altenau at Progress Direct and they can tell you how. 

If you prefer to own real estate and have all the income and tax advantages without the management responsibility, you should have a call with Daniel Salonis of Progress Realty Partners

Either way, we have you covered! Contact us today to learn more!

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