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Kathy Anderson Named One of the Best Bosses in the Business –

The Leadership Issue | Cover Story: Best Bosses in the Business

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How easy is it to identify a “best boss” anyway? We at Real Estate Forum had the experience of finding that out as we shifted through numerous nomination forms that contained shining examples of leadership from colleagues, employees and team members. Surprisingly, it was a hard decision to make. We say ‘surprisingly’ because statistically speaking, best bosses—or put another way, good leaders—are hard to come by. For instance, only 14% of CEOs have the leadership talent to execute on their strategy, according to one survey. The effect this lack of leadership talent has on a company and its workers cannot be overstated. According to another estimate, there is a 50% difference in the impact that a top performing leader has compared with an average performing one.

Perhaps it is different in the commercial real estate space. Perhaps the rigor needed to navigate our industry and the ease at which it is possible to fail intuitively attracts the best of the best. To borrow from a well known expression, if you can make it in CRE you can make it anywhere.

What is perhaps most astounding about the leaders you will read about in the following pages is the way they make it seem so easy. Juggling multibillion dollar books of business, implementing vision statements and strategic goals and they still always seem to know the name of even the lowliest employee in the office. Smarts, intuition, honor, skill and charisma.

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