PROGRESS CAPITAL | Specialty Financing
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Specialty Financing

2017 has shown tightening of lending standards as concerns over a wary global financial outlook continue to impact the US economy

Progress Capital has the experience to quickly assess a property’s capitalization needs and engage the appropriate sources for a mezzanine loan or joint venture equity partner.


Progress Capital recognizes that good opportunities often require bridge financing to quickly capitalize a project which can be the difference between winning or losing a deal. Progress will work with you to secure the correct bridge financing until permanent financing can be arranged.


With LIBOR rates at an all-time low, many of our clients are using floating rate LIBOR based loans to construct or reposition buildings. Progress has also arranged numerous Lines of Credit secured by real estate to allow developers to be able to act quickly when the circumstance warrants immediate action. Progress has a wide range of financing sources for Credit Tenant Lease properties which include term and/or self-liquidating options.


*Note: All information provided in the above fields is personal and confidential. We do not share information with any other business or third party affiliate.