PROGRESS CAPITAL | Union City – $5,700,000
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Union City – $5,700,000

Multi-Family, Retail
About This Project

$5.7 Million Acquisition Enhances Client Portfolio


Progress Capital Advisors, led by Kathy Anderson, secured a $5,700,000 loan for a valued client to acquire a mixed-use building in Union City consisting of 55 apartments and six commercial/retail units, creating additional growth to their commercial real estate portfolio. The loan has a favorable 3.25% rate based on a 30 year amortization.


This acquisition was made possible in large part due to a recent refinance arranged by Progress Capital for the same client for $14,370,000 that included $3,500,000 cash out to invest in additional commercial real estate.


Progress Capital regularly analyzes their clients’ portfolios and provides advice on whether it makes economic sense to refinance at current low interest rates to ensure the bottom line for years to come. With interest rates at record lows, it is important for all commercial real estate owners to review their rate exposure before the next uptick.


Progress Capital loan programs include Fixed Rate Loans, Construction and Specialty Financing as well as Directly Funded Bridge Loans. With over $40 Billion in closed loans and $100 Million in bridge and direct lending, we will get you to the closing table … plain and simple#thatsPROGRESS


Tell us your commercial real estate financing goals and our team will be pleased to provide a complimentary strategy for your business. For your convenience, we now have a chat button on our website!