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Fixed Rate Loans

2017 has shown tightening of lending standards as concerns over a wary global financial outlook continue to impact the US economy

Fixed Rate Loans are the most commonly used financial tool for owning real estate. A well matched fixed rate loan should meet the needs of the client as to overall holding period, prepayment options, SWAP considerations, recourse vs. non-recourse, renewal options and amortization period.


Progress Capital will review the numerous options available to you in the fixed rate market so that when you choose a lending source, you are armed with the most up to date market information available. Progress Capital has sources that include national and regional banks, CMBS, investment banking firms and insurance companies. We command the best pricing in the market because our overall volume of loans closed gives us a competitive edge in negotiating the most favorable rates available.


*Note: All information provided in the above fields is personal and confidential. We do not share information with any other business or third party affiliate.