PROGRESS CAPITAL | Construction Financing
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Construction Financing

2017 has shown tightening of lending standards as concerns over a wary global financial outlook continue to impact the US economy

Each construction loan is unique as no two development projects are the same. A successful construction project relies on the proper financing to satisfy the short and long term goals for the project.


Progress Capital is a leader in arranging construction funding for ground up development of multi-family, office, retail, self-storage and condominiums for sale. We are engaged early in the process to provide our experience to fulfill the unique capital needs that will be required throughout the process. Construction financing is arranged with an emphasis on the exit strategy so if permanent financing will be required, Progress Capital can properly advise our clients about forward rate lock options, earn out features and hedging opportunities in a rising rate environment.


Progress Capital is often a consultant to national and regional home builders who need to finance the development of single family residential projects and planned communities.


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