PROGRESS CAPITAL | Benefits to Working With a Dog
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Benefits to Working With a Dog

Benefits to Working With a Dog

12:00 15 December in News & Talk

Not all companies are created equal when it comes to the acceptance of dogs in the workplace.  That’s certainly not the case with Kathy Anderson, President and Founder of Progress Capital Advisors.  She brings her black Pomeranian, “Jake” to work as often as she can.  The fact remains that some readily welcome your best friend while others have not yet realized the benefits of allowing dogs.

Some benefits of bringing your dog to work are:

  • Dogs are frequently recognized as great stress-relievers.
  • Often times it is a great ice breaker when a new client comes to the office. Everyone loves talking about their pet.
  • What better way to make yourself take a break and clear your head then to take your dog for a short walk. It is proven that frequent short breaks increases productivity.
  • A survey of 50 businesses across the US revealed that those with pets had lower absentee rates and employees were more willing to work overtime.

As for Progress, the whole office has adopted Jake and everyone looks after him.  Our clients enjoy seeing Jake and often ask about him.  Since Kathy started bringing Jake to work, we have noticed several other companies in our building have become pet friendly, so it seems like the idea is catching on.